Our Story

Established in 2021, Delicias de Conchita is a collection of delicious delights that bring a smile to my lovely wife, Conchita. It started with her favorite, polvorones, buttery cookies covered in cinnamon sugar with roots in Spain. Polvorones are a popular treat in México and although they may vary regionally as some contain nuts and use powder sugar instead of cinnamon sugar, one thing is constant, they are delicately sweet and crumble to a dust-like texture as your bite into them, hence the name “polvo” which is powder or dust in spanish.

Not being able to find any in Chicago with the same taste that she remembers from her childhood in México and brings a smile to her face, we tracked down a family recipe from relatives in México. In early 2021, during the pandemic, we found ourselves with more time on our hands at home and so we baked. After a few batches, we were able to create a delicious cookie that brings back that smile.

Wanting to share these treats and bring smiles to others, Delicias de Conchita was born…







Maria Conchita

Our Beginning

We turned to social media as a means to share our treats. Shortly thereafter we discovered the exciting world of popups. We excitedly dove right in the scene and met so many amazing and wonderful people. The community of popup vendors was very welcoming and full of like minded and creative individuals and so, we continued.

Juice Vive Bar
Backyard Popup
Oscar and Juanito
Posada Navideña

With you, our much appreciated delicia friends, many happy moments were made and smiles created. As you shared your thoughts, we improved some, and created new treats to continue to deliver that joy that brings a smile to one’s face.

Our Current Journey

As 2021 came to a close, we gradually returned to the office, and learned our family is increasing by one we took a brief step back. With new tools such as online ordering and a new season among us, we are ready to continue and create more delicias.



Be sure to connect with us to discover upcoming popups and find out what we’re up to. We may not know where this journey may take us and that’s ok. Sometimes the journey itself is more rewarding as the journey itself is the destination. Be present.